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Should be a fun time.  Thousands will die.…

It's very anime!

Please come join us!
Tagged by: :iconnyapapa:

1) Write down ever letter in your name  (or screename.) 
2) Write down a song that pops into your head beginning with each letter. 
3) Count the number of letters and TAG that many people


 - Zero - God Eater 2 OST

E - Emil (Sacrifice) - Nier OST

R - Reaper - The 3rd Birthday OST

O - Ouroboros theme - Sen No Kiseki 2

Tagging anyone who feels like doin this
Spiderweb Obsidian App by zerodeath98
Spiderweb Obsidian App


Spiderweb Obsidian or Dia for short

Appears mid 20s, Answers with a different age every time they are asked however it is generally agreed to be around 5000.  September 21st

5'8" 115lbs

Prefers female pronouns


She uses Razor wire generated from the gem on her right hand.  It can be detached to lay traps or woven together to make solid structures.  She can only generate so much before she tires however.  It is generally quite effective at cutting through solid objects up to and possibly including Gems if the wire is under the influence of her power however she has never found the need to try this.  She can also use the wire to reinforce parts of her body to give herself more durability.  It can potentially be woven into a pike or blunted staff, however it would take quite a bit to actually create such structures.  Currently she can only generate her weapon at 3 feet of wire a second.  The wires strength is not terribly high either, a powerful blow would break them with relative ease unless her power is applied to them.

[Gem Power]
Power over sharpness.  She is capable of making objects take on a sharp quality, inanimate or otherwise.  Even if there is no edge on the object under the influence of this power, anything struck with it can be cut.  Her favorite things to use this power on are herself and her wire.  Physical contact between herself or her weapon and the object given "Sharpness" must be established.  Currently she is only capable of applying sharpness to objects as a whole that are under a certain size, but with practice she may be able to apply it to parts of objects, as well as increase how sharp she actually makes things overall.  Her power is not consciously maintained but it will wear off after a few hours unless she dispels it herself.

[Gem Name]
Spiderweb Obsidian located on the back of her right hand.

Spiderweb Obsidian is a Homeworld created gem.  Her gem itself is an accidental offshoot in producing straight Obsidian.   Their powers lend themselves well to combat and support so they have some value to them.  What exactly goes wrong in the Obsidian creation process to make them is entirely understood, however it has been replicated several times so they are not as rare as Dia would lead you to believe.  As such, Spiderweb Obsidians are generally either treated as unnecessary accidents or are prized for their rarity and utility.  Dia was mostly treated as the latter, using her abilities for engineering projects and the like.  However as time went on she grew bored with her life and began honing her abilities more towards combat, taking any opportunity to work in the field no matter how dangerous.  When the chance to leave homeworld for some planet called Earth cropped up Dia immediately jumped for it.  She has no real knowledge of anything Earth related besides the fact that it is a new frontier to test herself against.

Dia is aloof and tries her hardest to be enigmatic as well, speaking in roundabout ways at times and occasionally leaving ideas half finished until others inquire further.  She was generally prized for her rarity so she has a certain amount of pride, especially in her abilities.  Despite all of this she still affords others a certain degree of niceness, allowing others to make impressions before judging if she wants to spend time with them or not.  She has a bit of an odd sense of humor and tends to play pranks on others using her abilities.  Dia is a bit of an introvert so even though she enjoys having new experiences with others it is still emotionally draining for her.  She's generally cautious and highly analytical, always taking time to figure out exactly where she is and how her powers could benefit her in any given situation.  Dia has an almost insatiable thirst for information and will go to great lengths to gain it.

Likes: Messing with people, herself/her powers, trying new things, reading, playing string based instruments (She has the most skill with a harp because it was the easiest to make with her weapon)
Dislikes: Routine things, Obnoxious gems, Liquid or Gas based powers, being interrupted or ignored, people with no sense of humor

[Miscellaneous Information]
She can currently only transform into two kinds of animal, a cat and a finch.  She much prefers her cat form over her bird form.  As her rank increases the degree of sharpness her powers impart will increase, as well as her ability to target specific parts of objects with her power instead of targeting the object in general.  If she gains the power to target specific parts she will have to touch that part instead of the object in general. 
Strengths: She is excellent at fighting short ranged physical fighters, easily capable of allowing them to blunder directly into traps of all kinds using her powers and her wires.
Weaknesses: She is less than excellent in ranged combat, and is absolutely horrible at fighting gems with powers over liquids or gasses.  

Willing to RP via Notes or Skype (will note skype upon request) and will try to generally lurk in the chatrooms most of the time.

Should be a fun time.  Thousands will die.


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